Meet Your Massage/Lymphatic Care Therapist

Joy Thompson, BS, CLT, LMT, E-RYT, is licensed by the state of Virginia as a Massage Therapist and recognized by LANA and the NLN as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She holds a B.S. degree from Biola University in La Mirada, California which was granted in 1987.

Joy first became interested in massage as a faculty member of the Academy of Massage Therapy at the Institute of Health & Healing in Newport News, VA, where she taught Anatomy & Physiology, as well as many other courses, from 2006-2012. While teaching, she completed the 505-hour Massage Certification Program in February, 2008. Since graduation, she has taken advanced courses in Structural integration and Manual Lymphatic Drainage and is now a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Her desire to help those who suffer from lymphatic challenges prompted her to re-shape the primary focus of her business to lymphatic care, where she provides a full spectrum of care, and works to educate the public at large about this misunderstood and debilitating condition for which, currently, there is no cure.

She also continues to see a small number of clients for massage, to address grouchy muscles and have, as she puts it, an empathetic and intelligent conversation with the soft tissues of the body.

In addition to pursuing her passion of helping others with Lymphedema, Lipedema, and range of motion issues, Joy has practiced yoga for more than 25 years, and is certified by Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA, the country’s largest residential yoga center. Joy is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced 200-hour teacher (E-RYT), and is a past member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Committed to the Kripalu approach to yoga, which invites all, regardless of ability level, she has taught classes throughout the Peninsula for the last 16 years.

In her “spare” time, Joy spends time with her husband, Mark, her cat, Jake, and also enjoys being a member of the Virginia Choral Society.