5 Reasons to Get a Massage at Whole Body Therapeutics, LLC

Whole Body Therapeutics, LLC appreciates the support of its many clients and their positive feedback, including our 5-star rating on Google and over 20 glowing reviews.  I believe this success can be attributed to 5 elements that drive my massage practice and provide outstanding results, client after client.

Hanging next to the door of my office is a sign that reads, “You are entering an oasis of quiet and calm.”  Its position is not random.  The sign hangs there to assure clients that no matter what stress they are experiencing in their lives and in their bodies, for the time they are with me, quiet and calm rule.  Creating safe space for relaxation and rejuvenation is paramount.  A padded massage table with table warmer, hot towels, hot packs, hot and/or cold stones, aromatherapy, soft sheets, soothing music, and scent-free massage products all help to create a pleasant massage experience.  I think of my treatment room as an extension of my home – beautifully furnished, clean and quiet.  All of these treatment niceties are provided at no extra charge to the client.  I look at them as tools of the trade and if therapeutically called for, like to incorporate them into a massage.

The next element is technical in nature, but absolutely critical for therapeutic success.  I have a thorough understanding and appreciation of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.  I understand anteriorly rotated scapulae, tight hip flexors, hypo-lordosis and hyper-kyphosis, just to name a few of the conditions that result from too much sitting and not enough movement.  I also have enormous respect for the role fascia plays in the restriction of movement, which is why I primarily use a technique called “myofascial release” when doing massage.  Fascia is the connective tissue of the body, and it’s everywhere within the human frame.  Stuck fascia gets a lot of attention these days due to the popularity and use of foam rollers.  A good myofascial session will leave the client with greater range of motion, ease of movement, less pain and greater circulation.

Knowing the names of muscles is one thing; it’s another to understand their function and what creates dysfunction.  I’ve had massages that were so gentle and broad in scope that at the end, while I felt more relaxed, my neck or shoulder still hurt.  I was sure it was because the massage therapist didn’t fully understand the muscles of the body and why they were so cranky.  It’s no fun to still be in pain at the end of a massage.

I also believe that a massage need not be painful to be effective.  While there is such a thing as a “good” hurt, pressure doesn’t need to be particularly deep to be effective.  One of the best continuing education courses I attended taught us how to apply mild pressure until the tissue softened, allowing for deeper work.  From that day forward, I have chosen to define massage as, “Having an intelligent conversation with the soft tissues of the body.”  Waiting for an invitation to initiate deeper work assures comfortable, effective therapeutic outcomes without any need for unpleasantly deep work or contorting the client into uncomfortable positions.

The next element is experience.  To paraphrase the Farmers Insurance commercial jingle, I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.  While each client is different, with his or her own unique story, certain common conditions are easily recognizable.  After a decade of practice, I have a pretty good idea of the therapies that work, and those that don’t.

The fifth element relates to cost.  I like to think of massage as an investment in healthy living, but I’m also aware of the cost factor.  Massages are not inexpensive, but I also believe everyone could benefit from one, so from the beginning of practice, I’ve instituted two policies.  As mentioned above, I do not charge for what are referred to in the industry as “add-ons” (hot towels, etc.).  Secondly, I do not encourage tipping.  In fact, I discourage it.  The reason for this departure from the norm is that I believe regular therapeutic massage, given by a highly-trained massage professional, is important for overall well-being.  I encourage consistency by discouraging tipping and keeping my rates fair and reasonable.

One of the greatest rewards of having a successful, long-standing practice is the relationships I’ve established with my clients and their families.  A related benefit is to have someone come to me in real discomfort and to be able to assess their issue and treat it effectively, usually within a visit or two.  It never gets old to hear a client say after a massage treatment, “I feel amazing!”  So if you’re looking for intelligent, thought-driven, therapeutic massage, look no further than Whole Body Therapeutics, LLC.